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by David Falter on 11/28/20

I prefer to listen to audiobooks, podcasts and people that are far more advanced in life and investing.  To elevate your mind you need to listen to what is new. hard and uncomfortable if you want to grow as a person.  Life is tough and I at time admit where I just don't want to get out of bed.  That alas is not living.  One of the huge factors in life is your finances.  It's not easy, at times its down right scary and you don't know what your going to do.  If you can, try to control your emotions and realize that is exactly what they are, emotions, they don't make us.  What we observe and how we react and what we do with that information makes us who we are.  It doesn't mean we are correct and it doesn't mean that the opposing side is wrong.   It is just how they were raised, what they believe in life and that controls their thoughts and therefore their reality.  I feel silly for saying this but hey I'm just a person so here goes.  As a kid and even currently I am amazed of the power of the mind and perspective.  Sometime when a body part is cold or warm such as a hand or foot I place it on an opposing body part that is the opposite sensation.  Such as a warm hand on top of a cold hand ect.  I focus on how cold that hand is.  Freezing, clammy damp exposed to a cold breeze.  Then I focus how warm the other hand is protected from the wind, nice and toasty in my coat pocket.  Naturally you take both hands and try to warm the other one up.  If you think about it though you are actually cooling it down or is it the other way around.  Then if I take a second and slow down assumptions on how I feel is my warm hand warming my cool hand or is my cold hand cooling off my warm hand?  Then I focus on the sensation myself and observe that literally in a split second my mind focuses on the cold feeling and a split second I focus my mind on the warmth... Nothing has physically changed, I am just standing there.  So what does your mind and thoughts drift to then is your hands cold or warm.  What I'm getting at is everything changes with thought and observation and how a person relates to it.  If you can elevate your thinking and observations and realize there is no right or wrong answer there is only how YOU perceive the world, your surroundings and your environment.  Everything is based on your hope and what you see, observe and think.  Be aware of your thoughts because they will lead to your future.  2020 has been a rough year, economies have yo-yoed, quarantines and loss of jobs, illness and death and things are just plain scary.  I can't wait for 2020 to be over... I personally had to put my dog down, deal with nasty anxiety and panic attacks, wrecked a bike and have been in and out of hospitals for tests and observations, as part owner of a construction company we had to deal with work not getting done because of covid and the stress of how it affects my partners, owners, bankers workers...everybody.  2020 has been shit.  Also I recently got married, now I have step kids!  I have expanded my real estate business and been kicking but and 2021 looks to be a great year!  The construction business is gaining momentum again.  I going to sell the bike in the spring and get a different toy.  No matter what political party you belong to it gives me hope that through all the term oil that Americans still care strongly about there country.  That we have a vaccine in record time.  In all of history of mankind we are at the peak of healthcare, wealth, the maximum potential to pull people up and help one another.  We are living at the best time in human history!  These are just my observations though.  I'm not right or wrong and neither are you if you disagree.  I just people would use their heads instead of their emotions. 

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