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Inspections, Inspectors & Appraisals

by David Falter on 07/27/20

There are two different kinds of inspectors and two different kinds of appraisers and knowing the difference between the two is very important.

Many people now days will get a government loan vs a more traditional loan from a bank.  With government loans (USDA, HUD, RURAL ect) every property gets appraised for its value.  The caveat of it though is they also act as inspectors.  Essentially they do both...somewhat.  They will either do a drive by inspection and not even get out of their car!  Or they will make the extra effort and walk around the house.  When they do this they will be looking for handrails, GFIs, that the windows are working and the HVAC works.  Then the government appraiser TELLS the owner what they need to do to fix and sell their property to another person.  

The other type of appraiser is a bit different.  This type you hire personally.  They will do almost the same thing as their Gov't counter parts but will be a bit more through and you will be treated as person not a number or a peice of paper on someones desk.  Also and most importantly you will have a CHOICE of who you hire.  These appraisers only do one thing...they appraise.  They don't try to inspections.

That brings me to inspections.  I know all about the ins and outs of this part because I WAS an inspector and owned the inspection company.  Just like every industry their are good apples and bad ones and a few in between.  To become an inspector in a Ohio all you need to do is say you are one.  There are no state requirements or license. Someone could literally wake up and say they are one.,  If the person to try to do a good job and become a decent one they will go to school for a bit and take some classes.  At these courses inspectors are literally told to find issues with a house no matter least I was.  "Find and report as much as possible and make the client feel like they are getting their monies worth".  Common sense is thrown out the window.  The reason why this is taught is because of it being a very sue happy society.  If an inspector misses the smallest thing he could be summoned to court.  Knowing this do you think they will be skittish and weary of what they are inspecting?  Its common place for them to literally make nothing into something.  

Be careful who you hire.  I just recently had house that I was in the process of selling.  The buyer hired the 1st inspector who answered the phone.  He had at least three things in his report that was completely incorrect or just plain ludicrous.  A toilet was leaking and rotting the floor...wrong.  Wood is try and solid and toilet HAD leaked in the past.   Back porch should have more support and if termites get to it it will weaken the floor...wrong.  Termites can not tolerate sunlight and the porch was above the ground by 16".  Plus if I added more support that would just give the imaginary termites more wood to chew into.  The inspector recommend that a solid foundation should be installed or the structure could has been standing for 50 yrs plus with no issues.  Then he also stated the garage roof wasn't supported...wrong.  I framed it in, it is supported and the inspector should have seen that since he took a picture of the framing.  Long story short the inspector was trying to do a good job but failed on some of the report.  The buyer was excited to move into their 1st home but got scared because of the inspection and I lost a sale of a property.  One person made themselves look like a fool, and a couple lost out on the american dream.

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